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Application Guidelines

The Foundation’s major fields of interest are:

  • Education: Educational programs and/or institutions — primarily schools and colleges (with emphasis on, but not limited to, educational programs providing assistance to the needy or disabled).
  • Religion: Religion-based programs and/or institutions (with an emphasis on, but not limited to, providing assistance to the needy or disabled, or to benefit a local church in a capital program).
  • Historic Preservation: Historic Preservation programs and/or institutions (including “societies“).
  • Medical Programs and/or Scientific Research: Medical and/or Scientific programs and/or their affiliated institutions.


Foreign limitations: The Brotherton Foundation is legally restricted from contributing, in any manner, grant funds which would be utilized outside of the United States or its possessions. It does not fund non-United States-based charitable organizations nor even the work of United States-based organizations abroad.

United States limitations: The primary geographic areas of funding are the northeastern to southeastern United States. Exceptions to the geographic guidelines are granted only when a Co-Trustee or Advisory Board Member has personal knowledge of an organization which otherwise conforms to all other Foundation guidelines.

The Brotherton Foundation does NOT approve grant requests to organizations lacking tax exempt status under I.R.C. Section 501(c)(3).

Further, as a matter of general practice, The Brotherton Foundation does NOT normally approve grant requests falling into the following categories:

  • Conferences
  • Day Care Programs for Children or Adults
  • Documentaries, Films, and Videos
  • Legal Aid Programs
  • Loans
  • Moving Expenses
  • Public Opinion Polls, Surveys, and Research Studies
  • Public Policy and/or Advocacy Groups
  • Senior Citizens’ Programs
  • Soup Kitchens and/or Food Banks
  • Deficit financing
  • Grants to individuals


NOTE: Due to an internal reorganization, no grant distributions will be made for the rest of the 2024 calendar year.
The spring application period (March 1st – June 1st) for our August 2024 grant distribution cycle is suspended.
The website portal will be closed for any LOI submissions during that time.
If you have any questions, please email us at info@fjbcf.org.

There are two 3-month cycles when online grant applications can be submitted: September 1st – December 1st and March 1st – June 1st.

The website portal is only open during these two 3-month application cycles. The entire process (from initial registration to final approval) can take up to five months from when you first apply. Your submitted contact information on our website must be kept up-to-date throughout the entire process in order for you to receive communications from us on a timely basis regarding your application.  We must have up-to-date contact information of your email address, contact person’s name, and mailing address in order to mail grant award checks and pertinent documents should your grant application be approved. It is your responsibility to keep our website updated with this information throughout the entire application process. 


1.  REGISTRATION — If your organization has previously applied for a grant (successfully or not), you are  already registered. Submit your new “Letter of Intent” when the portal is open using your existing credentials. In the event these have been lost, please send an email to info@fjbcf.org requesting assistance. Attempting to re-register as a new applicant is HIGHLY discouraged. 

If your organization has never previously applied, the application process begins with an Applicant registering their organization on our website (by clicking on the “Register Your Organization” tab on the home page) during one of the 3-month application periods indicated above. It is HIGHLY recommended that the supplied organization name be identical to your 501(c)3 filing and that the Username be reflective of the organization rather than personally identifying the current Applicant’s agent. Only alpha/numeric characters are accepted in the Username.  No special characters are allowed (e.g., periods, commas, dashes, underscores, asterisks, etc.). An automated “Welcome” email containing a system-generated password will be sent immediately from info@fjbcf.org. It is imperative that your email system allows receipt of all messages from this address as it is also used to send all subsequent communications regarding your application. If you do not receive the “Welcome” email, send an email to info@fjbcf.org requesting assistance.

2.  LETTER OF INTENT — A “Letter of Intent” would then be  submitted which will be reviewed by the Trustees. This is a brief overview of your proposal to help the Trustees quickly decide if it meets the Foundation’s charter and criteria. Applicants will be notified by email within 2-3 weeks regarding acceptance or denial. If accepted, they will move on to the next step of completing their full grant application. If you do not hear back from us within 2-3 weeks after submitting an LOI, please send an email to info@fjbcf.org requesting assistance.

 The website portal permits submission of your LOI ONLY during the first TWO MONTHS of each application period. The third month of each cycle will remain open only to applicants of approved LOI’s for completion of the final  step #3.

3. COMPLETE GRANT APPLICATION — If the Letter of Intent is accepted, the Applicant will be required to complete and submit a  full grant application before the application period deadline (either June 1st or December 1st depending upon the current application period). Please note all uploaded documents on the website during the application process must have filenames with only alpha/numeric characters. No special characters are allowed (e.g., periods, commas, dashes, underscores, asterisks, etc.)

**NOTE new procedure — The website portal will remain open for the last (third) month of each application period to only those applicants whose LOI’s have been submitted and accepted during the first two months of the application cycle in order for them to complete this final application step.

Final decisions are made approximately two months after each grant application cycle deadline at the next semi-annual Advisory Board meeting. Advisory Board meetings are held in February and August after which all approved grant distributions are processed. You will be advised by email of either approval or denial after the Advisory Board meets.  Again, It is imperative that you keep all your contact information on our website up-to-date throughout the entire application process, which could take 5-6 months depending on your date of submission, in order to receive communications from us regarding your application. Grant award contracts and checks for all approved grant awards are sent by regular mail.

Progress Reports for all approved grants are due every six (6) months and should be submitted by mail or e-mail. Progress Reports are not submitted through the website. Further instructions regarding submission of Progress Reports for all approved grants are sent with the grant award contract.

PLEASE NOTE: The Foundation receives numerous grant requests during each application cycle. It is highly recommended that you apply early in the 3-month application cycle as grant requests submitted late in the cycle may not allow enough time for completion of the 3-step online application process outlined above. If the entire 3-step process is not completed before the deadline date, the grant application will expire on the website.

DEADLINES  for submitting the full grant application (a three-step process as outlined above):
FEBRUARY DISTRIBUTION DEADLINE:  December 1st  — website portal opens September 1st
AUGUST DISTRIBUTION DEADLINE:  June 1st  — website portal opens March 1st

NEW DEADLINES for submitting LOI’s:
FEBRUARY DISTRIBUTION DEADLINE:  October 31st — website portal opens September 1st
AUGUST DISTRIBUTION DEADLINE:  April 30th — website portal  opens March 1st


Please direct all inquiries to (please note new mailing address as of 8/1/21 below):

Theresa Brotherton, Administrative Director
Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation
PO Box 654
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170
Email: info@fjbcf.org